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Comparing Plans

A. Comparing Plans

  1. Currently, there is only one plan type found in Taffy Tree. That might change in the future, but for now we look to keeping everything as simple as possible.
  2. One account plan gives you access to everything. No gotchas.

B. Onboarding

  1. Taffy Tree offers an onboarding option that will help expedite your move into the Taffy Tree platform. If you’d like to discuss or schedule a demo, please reach out – we’d be happy to help!

C. Accessing Subscription Details – Updating Your Credit Card

  1. To access your subscription, head to the Info Orchard and click on the Taffy Tree Subscription card at the top of the page.
  2. Here you’ll be able to see your subscription details and make changes to your card and billing.

E. Cancelling Your Plan

  1. Need to go? We hate to see it, but we also understand. No need to call or email us.
  2. You can cancel your plan anytime by visiting the Info Orchard, and clicking on the Taffy Tree Subscription option at the very top.
  3. Simply delete/remove any credit card(s). Your account will automatically be cancelled before the next billing date as there is no card on file.
  4. Once you’ve cancelled your account, you will no longer be able to access any data. Please feel free to subscribe again at anytime.

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