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Document Editor

The Document Editor was created as a way to quickly create documents and eliminate distractions with writing.

The Document Editor does not offer font selection or sizing by design. The document editing screen is intended to be an editor and viewer with minimal controls for changing the look and feel of the document. The documents design, layout and fonts are all handled by the Document Theme.

Generating a PDF

Any document can be instantly generated to a beautiful PDF through the use of Document Themes. Document Themes are built with CSS and HTML allowing a large amount of control and flexibility over the way the final PDF document looks.

Clicking the PDF icon will instantly preview the document as a PDF with an option to download or save the generated PDF as a file in the system.

Document Theme

You can change a document theme at anytime by clicking the settings (gear) icon in the top left and changing the theme setting. This allows you to use different themes to generate different looking documents using the same data.

The same document could be used to create both a presentation and also turned into a branded report simply by changing the theme and generating a PDF.

Visit the Document Themes page.


Documents are aware of Markdown syntax. Markdown can make writing faster and gives authors and editors quick access to instantly create headings, lists, links and more.

Pasting a Markdown document into a LokCRM document will automatically convert the Markdown syntax to HTML in the document editor.

Visit the Markdown Guide to learn more about basic Markdown syntax.


Variables can be inserted into the document via the editor by clicking on the insert menu and choosing “Variable”. You can also create a variable by selecting the text and clicking on the variable icon.

Variables can be used to insert data that changes such as a date, time, primary contact and more.

Dynamic Blocks

Dynamic Blocks can be inserted in the document via the editor by clicking on the insert menu and choosing “Dynamic Block”. You can also create a dynamic block by selecting the text and clicking on the dynamic block icon.

Dynamic blocks are used to insert large amounts of sectional data that changes. Some examples are Statement of Work sections, a project status, a project gantt chart and more.

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